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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 14, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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charges. oscar pistorius from south africa is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend. police found model reeva steenkamp with gunshot wounds inside the athlete's upscale home this morning. the woman died at the scene. police are running forensics on pistorius including alcohol levels. he made history last year at the london games when he became the first double amputee competitor. his court hearing is set for tomorrow. the l.a. mayor's office will decide if anyone will get the million- dollar reward to catch and convict christopher dorner who is believed to have died in a fire on tuesday. a couple came forward saying they found him in their condo on tuesday. >> he ran after her. and he caught her about the door. >> on the staircase. >> on the staircase and brought her back >> the couple was tied up and said they thought dorner was going to kill them. >> he had some plastic ties great big tie wraps and made us
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put our hands behind our backs and tied our hands then made us get up and walk into the back bedroom back there. >> dorner stole the couple's car, crashed it, then stole a second car. he was then holed up in a cabin where he got in a shootout with officers. the cabin caught fire after tear gas canisters were fired into it. and authorities say the fire was not intentional. san bernardino county sheriff's detective jeremiah mackay was killed in the shootout on tuesday. the 35-year-old was a 15-year veteran of the force. he leaves behind his wife and two children. death threats against california lawmaker leads to the discovery of a cache of explosives in a bay area home. cops say the man turned a santa clara home into a bomb-making factory and this morning investigators continue to uncover volatile materials at that house. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in santa clara where officers have been standing guard by that house all night. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. more officers expected at first light this morning.
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that is after they found what they call a usable bomb here at this house. first they had just found some bomb-making materials. but now that they have an actual bomb they say they are bringing in a special trailer a bomb contain machine trailer to blow that up this morning. now, this is the man behind all of this. 45-year-old everett basham was arrested tuesday for making a death threat against state senator leland yee. in his home was found assault weapons and bomb-making materials. they were detonated in the front yard as seen from a neighbor's security camera. yesterday they found more volatile materials. investigators say he is a hoarder, house covered in cameras and antennae. >> it's not over yet. i don't want to knock on wood per se because something could happen tomorrow while we search. >> i didn't think the guy would make a bomb. so i -- it's disconcerting.
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>> reporter: according to his linkedin page, basham has 30 years of engineering experience. now, we are going to hear later on this morning from the man that threat was allegedly targeting, state senator leland yee who brought forward a controversial bill to close a loophole in california's assault weapons ban. that may have upset basham and yee is holding a press conference at this office this morning. so we are expecting more officers here this morning. now, coming up in the next half hour, we are going to hear a very unusual endorsement for basham from somebody you might not expect steve wozniak of apple fame. for now live from the scene in santa clara, anne makovec, kpix 5. the debate over drones in alameda county takes center stage today. the board of supervisors is considering a sheriff's department plan to use an unarmed remote-controlled aircraft. the drones would only be used
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in specific situations like hostage crises, searches and bomb threats. aclu worked with the sheriff's department on the guidelines but still opposes that program. government report confirms corrosion is to blame for a massive fire at that chevron refinery in richmond this past august. government investigators say the company knew the pipe was compromised should have replaced it. chevron says it is now inspecting every pipe for the same kind of corrosion. it's 6:05. let's check weather with meteorologist lawrence karnow at the flower mart this morning. pretty flowers there. >> reporter: you know what? of course there are roses that are popular on this day but if you want something else, how about tulips? those are very popular this time of year and, of course, just as gorgeous. yeah, this is a very busy day at the flower mart. i have to tell you, people keep running in and out with truckloads of flowers out to many of the local stores. so if you hadn't got your flowers, you still have time. lots of sunshine, we are
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going to see temperatures above average although we are starting out with patchy fog and some cool temperatures early on this morning in the 30s and 40s. but i think as we head toward the afternoon that ridge is strong enough and we have a weak offshore wind developing that we'll see some temperatures moving into the 60s and 70s. so it should be a beautiful valentine afternoon all around the bay area even toward the coastline. we are looking good. if you don't want to get roses how about some tulips? my mom used to always say tulips with better than no lips. i don't what that means, elizabeth but i know it means something very, very important. [ laughter ] back to you. >> you said that right. your mom has all the fun -- funny sayings. >> tulips are my favorite flowers so i'll take those. >> reporter: there you go. >> thanks, lawrence. we're talking about fog outside right now and no major incidents. that's the good news. so the visibility is down for sure in parts of the bay area because the fog is so thick.
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but we haven't seen too many hot spots. oakland moving at the limit past the coliseum. san mateo bridge similar story, 14 minutes between hayward and foster city. a brief traffic break so hopefully things will recover against the commute eastbound 80 at mcdonald avenue in richmon they are clearing a stall out of one lane on a blind curve so they are running the break. south bay overnight roadwork in cupertino is picked up so now all our traffic sensors are picking up speeds moving at the limit. across the golden gate bridge you can see the fog in this traffic camera better as you make your way into san francisco. so far, things are moving at top speeds. westbound 580 busy approaching vasco road. mass transit on time. back to you guys. >> thank you. american airlines and u.s. airways just announced plans
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for a merger. the $11 billion deal will create the largest airline in the world. it will combine the american look and old name with american in bankruptcy, up to a federal judge to decide if the deal will be a good one for its creditors. if the deal flies, the world's four biggest airlines would control nearly 70% of all air traffic. experts say ticket prices could take off as a result. >> even though people say that, you know, this particular merger of u.s. airways and american articles isn't going to raise ticket prices, i don't believe that one bit. >> the two airlines have been in negotiations since august. this morning, passengers being towed to port on that disabled cruise ship are counting the hours until they finally arrive back on solid ground. the carnival triumph is being tugged across the gulf of mexico. live pictures, this is off mobile, alabama where i'm sure people can't wait to get off that ship. one of 4,000 people have been
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-- up to 4,000 people have been stranded on the ship since an engine caught fire. the ship says it's doing all they can but passengers are complaining about the smell, broken restrooms and more. >> i promise you none of my family members that are on there will probably ever, ever take another cruise. >> who can blame them? one woman said her family told her the ship's staff was serving up onion sandwiches. the cruise originated in galveston, texas. carnival says it's paying for passengers' transportation back there. federal investigators will look into what caused that fire in the first place. >> hopefully they can get off soon. >> they are going to run off that ship! >> no kidding. time now 6:10. keep your eye on the sky. how you can see the asteroid that's set to fly right past the earth. >> i can't imagine having as much fun at any other school than i have here. >> students learning a passion for performing. the bay area school that's so cool, they even turned out a couple of broadway stars. coming up.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. the "experimental aircraft" went down yesterday afternoon near 05... near the t investigators have looking into the deadly crash of a small plane in solano county. the experimental aircraft crashed yesterday afternoon near 505 near the town of winters. a wing fell off the plane before the crash. the pilot was killed. investigators say the plane was headed toward yolo airport near woodland. astronomers will be staring sky. an asteroid 150 meters in diameter that will pass closer than some satellites to the earth. nasa says it is will be the
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best opportunity ever to witness a near miss but bright sunlight will keep the golden state from seeing it. nasa says there is no need to worry. it will definitely not hit earth. that's good to know. >> 150 meters, that would put a hole in the earth. >> too bad we can't see it. it would be a great show, right, elizabeth. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> it is. what were you talking about? [ laughter ] >> an asteroid! >> oh, okay. got cla. i have been thinking about fog. i have a foggy brain. it's all over the bay area this morning. you can see it in spots towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we were actually just getting word of an accident now. unfortunately it's on the skyway section sounds like it's on the other side of the bridge westbound 80 by the 101 connector so heads up. we don't have major details now but it sounds like possibly lanes blocked. they also turned on the metering lights. that's why we are starting to see delays in the cash and fastrak lanes and we also have a dense fog advisory in effect for the bay bridge and stretches of highway 92 by the way if you are traveling through half moon bay.
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all right. elsewhere, let's go towards westbound 580 a little slow-and- go this morning through the altamont pass heading towards the dublin interchange. actually mobile one drove through the area and size it's sluggish in spots from airway to vasco. and you can see it on our traffic sensors, as well. so those yellow sensors mean speeds just under 40 miles per hour. we got word from chp that all lanes are now open so they were able to clear a traffic break. they blocked lanes to clear a stall approaching mcdonald avenue in richmond. we are still seeing a little bit of sluggish traffic there actually in both directions in the commute direction as well so it should improve here shortly. westbound 237 where the fog is also thick but moving at the limit out of milpitas towards sunnyvale. that's a check of traffic. let's see, lawrence is taking some time to smell the roses today. he is live at the san francisco flower mart. >> reporter: oh, and it smells so good not only roses but there are all kinds of flowers
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here at the flower mart in san francisco. folks are trying to get ready for valentine's day and they are putting it together. people are getting busy around here. i want to introduce you to one of those busy folks. harold, you are one busy man. did you just fly in from hawaii? >> no, but my heart is there. >> mine, as well. i'm with you. you guys are really, really busy today. it's going crazy. >> busiest day of the year. >> this is unlike mother's day? >> oh, no. it's all a crescendo to one day and everybody wants them right now. 9:01 a.m. if every flower were delivered everybody would be happy. >> everybody wants it at 9:01. >> to the office. >> so now you guys are going what, from a dawn to dusk? >> absolutely. we deliver flowers to businesses right up to 5:00 and residences up to 8:00. >> any trends in year? just major roses or you see a lot of other flowers? >> a lot of other flowers tulips especially. they are very popular this i am too of year, beautiful, locally
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grown. look for the california-grown label on the flowers. >> reporter: you know, the economy has been rough for a lot of folks. has that put a crimp in the style of people buying? >> well, you know, everybody is thinking more thoughtfully about their expenditures but when it comes to love and flowers and valentine's day, got to do it. >> sometimes you got to pony up and just do it because if you don't, the consequences could be bad! [ laughter ] around the bay area, we have some great weather coming our way, lots of sunshine as high pressure builds in. we patchy fog early on. it's very thick outside but we are going to see plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. these temperatures are going to be warming up above average. these numbers are going to be soaring not afternoon maybe into the 60s and the 70s. so yeah, that ridge of high pressure dominating our weather. clear skies to the coast today. and the temperatures going to be heating up. not only here but around the state you will see numbers up into the 60s and also the 70s. staying dry in the high country
6:17 am
as well and beautiful into the monterey bay. around our bay looking good. we have a lot of 60s and 70s expected. and we are going to continue the trend i think into tomorrow. in fact, the weekend looking great should stay dry although we may begin to cool on sunday. but come monday and tuesday the clouds begin to move back and maybe some showers as we head in toward tuesday. so guys, things are very busy at the flower mart here but it's not only roses, hey, you know what? i got a special gift for you. i have a couple of leis. >> very nice. >> awesome. >> there you go. >> they lack so good on you! -- they look so good on you, very nice! >> if you see liz's boyfriend -- liz's boyfriend running, he is delinquent! the arts are on the first cuts in tight school budgets. they are always forgotten but not as lincoln high school in san jose. they are the foundation. performing arts school and we think that's pretty cool. >> i can't imagine having as much fun at any other school than i have here. >> i just love it here. i love everything about
6:18 am
lincoln. >> reporter: while most schools are dropping the arts, lincoln high is embracing them. >> this school suits me and really nice to be here. i'm proud to be at lincoln. >> reporter: teenagers, high school and fun? what a concept but it's working in san jose. lincoln high offers over 40 classes from ballet to pep band or perhaps you want to dabble in set design, costumes. got that too. students are required to take at least two art classes but more than half of their 18- students take more. >> it's a --1800 students take more. >> it's a good way to relieve stress. you want to relax every once in a while and band gives me the opportunity to do that. >> reporter: lincoln's theater department sent six graduates to broadway. >> it's exciting and inspires the kids that are still here. >> very inspiring. we have gotten to meet a couple of them and they seem so happy on broadway and so successful.
6:19 am
it's a big push to go further. >> reporter: students are still excelling in the classroom, too. the arts foster good study habits, discipline and self- esteem for the entire student body. >> this school offers me a lot of freedom and i feel like i'm able to be myself at this school while at other schools i feel like i would be judged. >> reporter: for the perfect mix of arts and academics, lincoln high school is this week's -- >> "cool school"! whoo! >> the ladies choreographed that. >> i know. you know, the type of dancing is difficult. >> it is. and there's several guys in the class, too, which i thought was cool. they turned to the arts back in the early '90s to give them a lot of in spirit and academics and the kids say there are no cliques here. everyone is accepted. it's one big family. >> they can be themselves. >> exactly. >> so what's cool about your school? you can submit your nomination at our website,
6:20 am
we may come out and feature your school on our show. it's 6:21. coming up, giants pitchers and catchers report for spring training. >> plus, it might be one of the craziest tennis shots you have ever seen through the legs. good stuff our play of the day.
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giants pitcher tim lincecum is attracting attention with his new hair cut. he got in some throwi well, spring training is under way in arizona. and we are loving that. giants pitcher tim lincecum attracted a lot of attention. he has a new do, cut off all the hair. he got in some throwing and buster posey capping for him. position players will report -- catching for him.
6:24 am
position players will report saturday, including hunter pence. >> he is going to work on this spring and see if he can be more consistent instead of one time deal. see if we can do that a few more. it's an honor it takes a lot of work so that's why we are here in spring training to get that down. >> manager bruce bochy may make the team. play of the day from the netherlands monfils with a shot through the legs, boom. nearly does the spread eagle there and gets it up and in for the point. he lost to juan martin del potro in two sets but that's mighty impressive. >> quite a move. >> i would be in the hospital for a week with a groin pull. >> that's tough to do. 6:26 right now. coming up, an olympics shocker this morning. double amputee oscar pistorius
6:25 am
is accused of murder. >> and american airlines and u.s. airways are tying the knot. why the hookup may not be a sweetheart deal though for consumers. >> plus, as that crippled cruise ship limps back to port, new details on how bad things really are on board. >> reporter: we're live in san leandro where a young man was shot to death at an east bay elementary school. we are standing by for a public information officer to bring us the latest in the investigation.
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i didn't think the guy would, you know, make a bomb. >> disturbing new details about the man police say turned his home into a bomb-making factory. >> this is the closest that we have been able to get to the
6:29 am
crime scene so far. >> the man threatened to kill the senator and from the looks of it, he had the means to carry it out. >> breaking news. olympic track store and double amputee oscar pistorius is under arrest this morning accused of murder. >> the tactic was to drive dorner out not set the cabin on fire. >> a california couple relives the nightmare of coming face to face with an ex-cop on the rampage. >> when they walked into the door they were confronted by christopher dorner. >> we are happy to be alive. >> passengers on the nightmare carnival cruise finally make it back to land. >> i promise you none of my families that are on there will probably ever, ever take another cruise. >> american airlines and u.s. airways are joining forces to form the biggest airline in the world. from across the bay -- >> file this under one of the dumbest burglars you'll ever see. >> to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning. it's thursday, february 14.
6:30 am
i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:31 now. this morning, some crime tape surrounding an east bay elementary school is now the site of a homicide investigations. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san leandro this morning where crime scene investigators are still combing the campus. cate. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. they have been here for quite a bet of time actually just spoke with the alameda county sheriff's office who says their public information officer should be here shortly and hopefully then we can get more or the latest in this investigation. we want to show you shots we took earlier from chopper 5. you can see those deputies on the site at hillside elementary school in san leandro. the coroner's office has unofficially identified this victim in the incident but say he was an 18-year-old man. now, deputies say at around 8:45, they got reports of shots fired and a neighbor told kpix 5 they heard about three shots
6:31 am
then called 911. when deputies got here on scene, they found a young adult suffering from a burnt wound. he was rushed to eden hospital where he later died from his injuries. now, deputies tell us that this is the first homicide of the year for the sheriff's office. the sheriff's public information officer is expected to be here any moment now to give us an update in this investigation. reporting live from san leandro, cate caugiran, kpix 5. police in south africa say they plan on opposing an olympic runner's request for bail tomorrow in the shooting death investigation of his girlfriend. officers arresting oscar pistorius at his home today. that's where they found his girlfriend model reeva steenkamp suffering from a fatal gunshot wound. they also recovered a 9- millimeter pistol in the home. the double amputee made history in the london olympics just back in august. former girlfriend of former l.a. cop christopher dorner is not surprised about his alleged killing spree because he kept
6:32 am
his emotions bottled up. meanwhile a couple has come forward to say they found dorner in their condo on tuesday. >> jumped out and hollered stay calm. karen screamed and turned and started running and he ran after her. he caught her about the door. >> on the staircase. >> on the staircase and brought her back. >> that man in the condo then tied up the couple. they were worried he was going to kill them. >> did you think he was going to kill you then? >> not -- well -- >> when he had me laying on the ground, yes, i really did. i thought he's changed his mind he was just trying to calm us down, get us in here and he was going to do it it man stole the couple's car, stole another one after he crashed that one. the man holed up into the cabin and got in a shootout with law enforcement yesterday afternoon. the cabin caught fire after tear gas canisters were fired in it. authorities say they didn't burn the cabin on purposes. death threats against a california lawmaker and a bay area home packed with explosives. this morning, we have learned what may have set the suspects
6:33 am
off. police say the man turned his santa clara home into a bomb- making factory and kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is at the house this morning. anne. >> reporter: i'm here on humboldt avenue and officers have been standing guard all night long. yesterday, they found what they call a, quote, usable bomb inside of this house so this morning they are pulling up a trailer a special bomb containment trailer and they will blow the bomb up inside of that trailer. now, this is the man behind all of this according to officers. 45-year-old everett basham was arrested tuesday for making a death threat against state senator leland yee. and when officers searched his home, they found assault weapons and bomb-making materials, which they then detonated in the front yard as seen from a neighbor's security camera. then yesterday, they found more volatile materials. investigators say this guy is a hoarder. his house is covered in
6:34 am
surveillance cameras and radio antennae. >> definitely odd as you look around there's nothing like that around here at all. >> kind of shocking to, you know, that could have -- it could hurt us like all these neighbors could be harmful to us. >> reporter: we are going to hear more today from the man the threat was allegedly targeting state senator leland yee who brought forth a controversial bill to close a loophole in california's assault weapons ban. ye. he said on his facebook last night thanking everybody for words of support saying the staff and he are hanging in there and they will not be deterred. back to the suspect in this case, basham. according to the linkedin page he has 30 years of engineering experience and that page shows an endorsement attributed to apple cofounder steve wozniak saying, quote, everett is about the brightest and most generally skilled engineer i have ever met. he is never dull and that helps the rest of us -- or keep the rest of us, rather, inspired with forward product and design thinking." we are expecting more officers
6:35 am
here at the house later on this morning. right now live in santa clara, anne makovec, kpix 5. san bruno decided to close down an elementary school due to low enrollment and budget cuts. district leaders voted last night to shut down crestmoor elementary school. students will be shifted to other campuses in the district. it is 6:36 now. he is a meteorologist by day but occasionally he is a flower man. >> yes. i'm hoping you bring -- lawrence, i'm hoping you bring a lot of flowers back to the newsroom for us. >> you know what? i can't decide. i have to get some flowers for valentine's day too. so i keep looking through here and i keep thinking more and more that are just gorgeous flowers. and folks, you know what? hey, this is kind of like the mistletoe. that's the bird of paradise another beautiful flower another option on this valentine's day. a lot of sunshine. we are starting with patchy fog early on today. the temperatures running in the 30s and 40s. so a little gray especially in
6:36 am
the north bay too so watch out for that. in the afternoon, that big dome of high pressure sitting overhead, we are going to see plenty of sunshine and some warm temperatures running well above the average for this time of year. highs expected to be running up into the 60s and 70s. and you know what? i think i just found another flower i like. i think i'm going to have to get this one, too. i can't decide. i think i'm going to have to get all of them. what do you think? >> we like your birds of paradise mistletoe. >> don't you like that? nobody came over to kiss me. >> you and edgar, your photographer. >> it's not working! i don't want a kiss from edgar, okay? of la laugh. >> so romantic. all right. thank you, lawrence. [ laughter ] outside right now, a lot of thick fog and the bay bridge commute is kind of a problem spot this morning. we now have a stall on the upper deck in what sounds like a smaller fender-bender in lanes approaching the toll plaza so they are working to clear everything right now. unfortunately, the fog is also pretty thick so visibility is definitely an issue this morning getting into san francisco. there is a dense fog advisory. visibility was reported down to
6:37 am
about a quarter of a mile. be extra care if if you are commuting on the bay bridge. fortunately, they were able to clear an accident on the skyway westbound 80 approaching 101 so it doesn't appear to be a big backup on that side of the span. this is actually close to the fremont street exit. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 6:38 now. a valentine's hookup. american airlines, u.s. airways just announced an $11 billion merger. it will create the world's largest airline. the combined carrier will have american's new look and its old name. with american in bankruptcies a federal judge will decide if the deal will go through. if it flies, the four biggest airlines would control nearly 70% of domestic air travel. experts say ticket prices though could take off as a result. passengers aboard that crippled cruise ship should finally be on solid ground in just a couple of hours.
6:38 am
the carnival triumph is being towed across the gulf of mexico to a port in mobile, alabama. in a few hours, more than 4,000 people have been stranded on the ship since an engine fire over the weekend. carnival says the crew is doing all it can, but passengers have complained about a stench, broken restrooms and a whole lot more. >> he told me that they had just eaten onion sandwiches and that they were asking to use the red plastic bags to use the restroom in, and they had some fruit. they did have some water but it was warm bottled water. >> five days of that. the cruise originated in galveston, texas. carnival is paying for passenger transportation to get back there. federal investigators will look into what went wrong. i had a [ indiscernible ] high school. >> it's a love story that goes all the way back to high school. one couple shares their secret to wedded bliss coming up. >> and the market just opened
6:39 am
up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. so far, doesn't look great. coming up an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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number 5, that looked presidential, right? [ laughter ] >> number 3, oh, my god i asked for sparkling water. [ laughter ] >> number 2, marco rubio needs his throat-o-lubio. and the number one thing going through marco rubio's mind at this moment, by 2016 won't america want a stooge back in the white house? >> david letterman poking fun at marco rubio. he did the response to the state of the union a few nights back and he was reaching for the water in an awkward way and it's getting press. >> it is. but rubio said he needed water so what are you going to do? >> he tweeted it, too.
6:43 am
he is having fun with it. >> we know how that feels sometimes out here talking for 2.5 hours. [overlapping speakers] let's check weather one more time. lawrence on valentine's day, only fitting you are at the flower mart, my friend. >> yes. and yeah, doing some last- minute shopping here. we have talked about roses and tulips. how about some calla lillies, hydrangeas or a good idea, how about this? yeah. you want to be really romantic? this is a bag of rose petals. how about that, folks, if you are looking for an idea for some last-minute shopping here on valentine's day? i want to introduce you to another guest here. this man is actually relaxing now. this is jonathan gomez. jonathan, you have a chance just to kind of kick back. >> we're sold, we're all done. we have been working for the last 10 days on valentine's day for the valentine's day orders. so yeah, we're done. >> has it been one of those fantastic years you sold all
6:44 am
your stock? >> it's been a great year. it's been fantastic for the flower industry. this year it's been really good. >> anything that's been surprising or maybe some of the most popular flowers that you have seen go this year? >> the roses we concentrate on, they are quality. everything worked out well for everybody here at the san francisco flower market. >> you're a 49er fan? >> absolutely. >> good job with the 49ers this year. >> thank you so muc. >> silver and gold flowers. >> yes, sir. >> if you want to do a little last-minute shopping got some great ideas. the weather is going to work out nicely, too. lots of sunshine coming our way, high pressure overhead. we have some patchy dense fog this morning but temperatures running above average as we head in toward the afternoon. those numbers soaring in many places up into the 60s and 70s. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. that big ridge of high pressure sitting overhead going to stick around not only today but over the next few days. and right into the weekend lots
6:45 am
of sunshine. and those temperatures finally beginning to cool off i think in the latter part of the weekend. still, the temperatures around the state a lot of 60s, a few 70s possible. a little cooler in the high country of course but staying dry there. and then it looks like around the bay area today, numbers in the 60s and 70s outside. and then over the next 7 days, we have some changes coming. enjoy the sunshine. i think by next week, elizabeth, finally just final, we're talking about a chance of showers and elizabeth, hey, you know what? how about some of these rose petals? [ laughter ] > lawrence you don't strike me as a rose petal kind of guy. >> what are you saying! [ laughter ] >> we expect roses back here, michelle and i. roses just after the show is over. all right. outside, right now it's a little foggy outside and hopefully we can see it -- yeah, you can see a little bit up the incline. it's difficult to see traffic this morning. this is actually the incline section of the upper deck of the bay bridge. so there is a fog advisory in
6:46 am
effect and we actually saw a couple of different fender- benders one on the incline section. everything is cleared but it's backed up behind the pay gates. it's jammed solid through the foot of the maze so maze to the treasure island exit is where you will find slow traffic. past there speeds improve on the upper deck but it's going to be slow. consider bart, so far running all trains on time. muni, caltrain and ace ready to go. heads up there at half moon bay mobile one traveled on 37 this morning saying there's a lot of thick fog and visibility is definitely reduce if you are coming out of vallejo on stretches of highway 37. towards the golden gate bridge you can see fog across the deck, as well. no big incidents but visibility is reduced. take it slow.
6:47 am
give yourself some extra time. you know the drill. banana joe is taking over wall street. the best in show at this year's westminster kennel club dog so rang the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. i hear rumors he is hosting snl on saturday. >> he is a star now going all over the place. >> speaking of business, mergers are the big stories on the business front this morning. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. good morning, frank. some big-time m & a activity taking place. american airlines and u.s. airways been rumored to partner up now they are going to do it in an $11 billion deal that will create the world's largest airline. american airlines will retain the name while u.s. airways' ceo will stay in charge of the company. this does of course lead to speculation that with one less airline here in the u.s., that could possibly lead to higher airfares down the road.
6:48 am
the other big purchase taking place is ketchup maker heinz being bought for $28 billion by warren buffett's company and 3- g capital. that is the largest ever purchase in the food industry. in the u.s. economy weekly jobless claims falling by 27,000 to 341,000. the labor department says the four-week average just above 352,000. that indicates that there is some modest growth. however, wall street not all that pleased because of some bad economic news out of germany, france and the eurozone falling deeper into recession. that's pushing stocks lower at the open. the dow down 29 at 13,953. the nasdaq down 10. s&p down 3. also cisco down 2.5% after reporting its earnings after the closing bell yesterday. frank and michelle, back to you >> thank you. well, you know it's valentine's day. and for one bay area couple, they have been celebrating this day for more than 50 years.
6:49 am
i love this story. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran found out their secret to long lasting love. >> we're weird. >> yeah, we're weird, you know. >> reporter: weird only in the fact that they aren't like the others they say. harry and ellen decades strong. their love story is one for the books. it started at lincoln high school in san francisco with a schoolgirl crush on the upper class man. >> he didn't know about it. >> i used to carry her books in school. there was a day when -- >> they don't have that anymore in high school, i'm sure. >> reporter: ellen ahead of her time made the first move and asked harry out. he said yes kind of. >> he wasn't sure he wanted to go out with me. but his mother said, you said yes, so you go out with her. >> so then i went out with you, right. i went out with her. that was when i really realized i was falling in love with you. >> reporter: a two-year courtship as they called it began. >> we had a pin and i pinned her i remember.
6:50 am
>> then i was working at the emporium in the basement and i lost the pin. >> reporter: she may have lost the pin, but just before her high school graduation, ellen got something else instead, a beautiful ring and a nervous proposal from harry, who admittedly broke the ring's box as he asked his future bride. >> i can't think of my life without her. i don't know what life would be like without you. >> reporter: it's been this way for almost 55 years from their first i dos to now, a lifetime full of love, their son and grandchildren. i asked them, how did they do it? they answer, a family secret. >> you have to give and take. my mother used to say sometimes you have to give more. >> reporter: in their apartment their love still period as they're told. and still constant. in palo alto, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> so cute together. what a beautiful couple too. >> you know what i've learned? it's good to be a listener.
6:51 am
just keep your mouth shut. >> yeah. and door whatever your wife wants. >> so you can read them. >> a final check of your top stories. >> keep going. >> how a bay area college student and his grandma helped sparked the newest dance craze. you don't want to miss this.
6:52 am
6:53 am
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[ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. investigation. deputies are on scene at hillside elementary school in andro. an east bay elementary school closed today for a homicide investigation. >> deputies are on the scene at hillside elementary school in san leandro. that's where they found the man suffering from a fatal gunshot wound last night. he died at eden medical center. neighbors called 911 when they heard gunshots nearby just before 9 p.m.
6:55 am
and deputies have not released the victim's name or any suspect information. and it's likely to take days to clear hazardous materials from a santa clara home where the bomb squad has already destroyed some explosives. officers went to the house after state senator leland yee reported getting death threats over his gun control proposals. 45-year-old everett basham is under arrest for those threats now. american airlines and u.s. airways announced plans for an $11 billion merger this morning. the combined airline would become the world's largest if the deal is approved by antitrust regulators and american's bankruptcy judge. some experts say the deal could lead to higher fares for travelers. and we know it's valentine's day. right? >> that's right. >> so i went downstairs this morning to leave and there was this bouquet of roses on the kitchen table! pretty cool there. >> from her neighbor. [ laughter ] >> my husband. >> i kid you much. >> lawrence? >> hey, guys. i'm sorry, i'm just thinking
6:56 am
about all these different flowers. it's not too late for the guys that haven't gotten their flowers yet. there are still plenty of flowers to get here at the flower market in san francisco and they are so, so beautiful. yup. you have every kind of color imaginable to make your valentine happy today. the weather is going to work out great, too. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. we are starting out with patchy fog early on. the temperatures a little chilly in spots in the 30s and the 40s. by the afternoon, though, that huge dome of high pressure will bring plenty of sunshine and warm many a heart around the bay area on this valentine's day. these temperatures soaring up into the 60s and the 70s. should be nice over the next few days but cooling down come sunday and then by next week, it looks like a chance of some rain returning. elizabeth? >> hey, it's a pretty sweet looking forecast, thanks, lawrence. outside now fog is the story across the bay bridge. still have a dense fog advisory in effect across the span. just a heads up. that accident approaching the pay gates has been cleared. but it's still backed up to the
6:57 am
maze. elsewhere the fog in the milpitas cam, westbound 237 slow from 880 towards zanker road. golden gate bridge, traffic is still moving okay at the limit if you are heading into san francisco this morning. one of the busy drive times is the westbound 580 drive from the altamont pass because of an accident in livermore. >> i don't want to out your boyfriend but his name starts with b and ends in rad. >> hit lawrence. >> he doesn't believe in flowers. maybe the biggest thing since gangnam style. >> a bay area college student is making a name for himself with a new viral dance craze. it's all thanks to his 80-year- old grandmother's dance moves. take a look. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> it's the harlem shake. hank shot the video with his grandmothers a few days ago. now the video has more than 1
6:58 am
million hits on youtube. >> a little shock, unbelievable. i put it up on facebook for a few friends. and all of a sudden it's going viral. >> he says his grandmothers love the dance because it's totally freeform and that means there are no steps to learn so that might be good for you, frank. >> why is that, michelle? >> because you need some dancing lessons. [ laughter ] >> see? >> you know what? you're going to have it buy me flowers after you did this. captions by: caption colorado captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday february 14th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." an olympic shocker, double amputee sprinter oscar pistorius accused of murder and our nancy cordes has word of a new plan to teal with the spending cuts. a valentine's day hookup
6:59 am
american airlines and u.s. airways make it official we'll talk to the ceos about their merger. as the crippled cruiseliner limps back to port new details on how bad things really are on board. we beginning this morning with a look at today's "eye opener q opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> there was a shooting at the home of oscar pistorius, a young woman did die on the scene. >> an olympic shock in south africa. >> the olympic sprinter oscar pistorius has been arrested. >> charged with the murder of a 30-year-old woman. it's believed the victim was his girlfriend. 4,200 passengers are hoping to set foot on dry land this morning in alabama. >> fire in the engine room of the carnival "triumph" sunday left that ship without power. >> i want her to see me mama moves heaven and earth to be here. the merger between american airlines and u.s. airways is a done deal. it will create
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